We’re the world’s first concentration conscious serum-only skincare brand.

That’s a mouthful!

Let’s break it down….

Concentration Conscious?

Say a skincare brand launches a 5% Nianicimide serum, then a competitor launches a 10% one and another, a 15% one.

Will you chase the higher percentage for “quicker” results?

What if we told you Nianicimide concentrations in skincare should never exceed 5%?

And that’s why we’ve got you!

At Serumique, we are not chasing the higher percentages. Only the right ones.

To get “perfect skin” we’ve all turned to high concentration skincare hoping It’ll get us there faster. It really doesn’t..

Make skincare a smooth sailing journey with Serumique!

Backed by Science


Concentration Conscious

100% Efficacy