Oils 101 - All You Need to Know

Oils 101 - All You Need to Know

    Growing up, you, like most people, might have thought of oils as the enemies of your skin. The love and appreciation that they deserve are not usually shown to them.

    Facial oils are one of the most important skincare products. However, due to a lack of awareness about the benefits, they are usually ignored. In fact, face oils have many advantages for the skin and should be part of skincare routines for everyone.

    There are many myths related to facial oils.

    Face Oil Myth 1: Regular usage of oil can make my skin too oily

    Truth: Modern oil formulations are light and easily absorbed by your skin to make your face look dewy. They will not leave the skin surface blocked with fats or lipids.

    Pro tip: For every skin type including oily skin, there's perfect face oil. Ensure you use the right one and in the right amount. You need to keep in mind that pure facial oils do not contain water.

    Facial oils represent a natural combination of concentrated plant oils or oil-based active ingredients. Start with only one drop at the beginning and keep on increasing the amount according to your need.

    Face Oil Myth 2: Face Oil blocks pores and leads to breakouts

    Truth: Your skin needs healthy fats and oils in order to prevent skin damage.

    The sebaceous glands of our face naturally secrete oil (sebum). Over secretion of sebum might lead to clogged pores. Most skin care products, be it lotions or face oils,  contain oil-based ingredients to supply the necessary amount of oil to your skin.

    Comedogenic oils, such as mineral oils or synthetic oils are also culprits that instigate acne. Stay clear and use natural facial oils that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for skin balance. They help in hydrating the skin and protecting it against harsh elements to maintain natural barriers.

    Pro tip: For acne-prone skin opt for lightweight options such as jojoba, grapes, rose, argan oil or squalene oil. Make sure that you read the labels and avoid added coloured pigments, aromas and preservatives.

    Myth Face Oil 3: It's a fad!

    Truth: Women have used oils to protect their skin for centuries.

    From the lovely Egyptians, the pleased Romans to the Ayurveda-practicing Indians, the use of facial oils as a part of skincare has been around for hundreds of years irrespective of race and culture.

    We can often find the use of oils like beaver, moringa and sesame in their anti-ageing beauty routines.