All about Niacinamide

All About Niacinamide

    We all have that one best friend who is the perfect blend of spunk and sass and turns heads everywhere she goes. She is the one who brings you ice cream when you cry your eyes out over the death of a fictional character. Niacinamide is that best friend. 

    Hunting for one product that is going to solve most of your skincare woes? Look no further than niacinamide. 

    Let’s get nerdy

    Niacinamide is a derivative of the essential microelement vitamin B3. Our body cannot store vitamin B3 as it is water-soluble. It is therefore essential to consume it as nutritional sources and topical use for better skin health. Natural sources of Vitamin B3 include Nuts and seeds, Vegetables and Animal-based products like meat. Niacinamide helps build keratin, a type of protein that keeps your skin firm and healthy. Niacinamide can help your skin grow a ceramide barrier, which helps to retain moisture.

    Hey, enough of this science stuff, let’s get into the real deal. How can niacinamide help our skin?

    Niacinamide in skincare products works like a powerhouse for skin. Long term usage of this superhero ingredient increases cell turnover paving the way for new skin cells. This magic trick lightens and makes your skin look healthier. Niacinamide can safely be used on sensitive skin, making it one of the most sought. 

    (Want to hear something funny? Niacinamide can allegedly make your skin as smooth as a baby’s butt)

    We love lists (or do we?). Here is a list of all skin conditions, niacinamide can help you combat.

    Get Set Go!

    Signs of Ageing

    Researches have indicated that niacinamide improves the elasticity of the skin to reduce signs of ageing.

    Sagging and unhealthy skin

    Niacinamide helps build a keratin source that maintains your skin's firmness.

    Skin Pigmentation

    Want to get rid of those persistent dark spots? Niacinamide is your best friend. It can also be used to treat melasma.

    Dry skin

    Niacinamide may help your skin develop a trusted source of ceramide (lipid) which can retain moisture. This makes it perfect for almost all skin types, particularly when your skin is mature or eczematic.

    The appearance of pores

    Since niacinamide helps in retaining moisture, it might make your pores look smaller.

    Sun Damage

    Niacinamide increased cell turnover — reconstructing sun-damaged cells. It also protects our skin from damage caused by UV rays.

    Oxidative stress

    It decreases the skin's oxidative stress and protects it from stressors such as sun rays, pollution and toxins.

    Phew! That's a lot of benefits for one product. The bottom line? Niacinamide is a literal lifesaver. From acne to dark spots, it is your skin's best friend.